Koan is a stoner grunge hard rock band that was formed in Ticino in 2006 by members from different music scenes, as often happens.
The band offers a genre of music called “grunge-cross-core”. The range spans from grunge to core, thus encompassing all the musical influences that accompanied the founding members through their different musical experiences and personal growth.
The first album, entitled ¿Freedom? (recorded at Black Dog Studio in Lugano CH), was released in March 2007; the 13 tracks are reminiscent of Seattle grunge combined with compactness and ruggedness. The album was mastered by Tom Hutten of Bionic Mastering Studio in New York. A number of prestigious magazines gave positive reviews of the band’s first work ( and Metal Hammer Italy and Spain).

The following year, the band returned to the studio for their second album. Broken was recorded in June 2008 at Stairway Studio in Melano CH, which again collaborated with Tom Hutten on the mastering. Broken was released in April 2009 and marked a change at the compositional level; heavy parts were interwoven with melodic parts, which would become the band’s signature sound.

In 2010, partly by chance and partly for fun, the band decided they wanted to revisit their own songs as acoustic tracks. The band thus plays a series of acoustic concerts and decided to go back to the studio (“Stairway Studio” in Melano – CH); A Session was thus created, which was released on the 11.11.2011 and contained 9 tracks (included the previously unreleased J). The following year was dedicated to promoting this album, including numerous rotation stages at various radio stations.

In 2014, driven by the need to experiment with new creative routes, the band chose Pietro Foresti as their producer and artistic producer. With him they recorded their 4th album, Agropyron Repens, in a way that was totally new for the band: no professional studio, no overdubbing, no artificial sound. Instead, the band recorded the album in an intense week of live sessions at their own studio, Koan L Studio. The result is a direct, no frills album with a big impact.


VOCALS: Pierre Michel “DRT” Dettori
GUITARS Marcello “Lèlo” Cantù
DRUMS: Emmanuel “Wiz” Pfirter
BASS: Michele “Fly” Castiglioni